Vin Rosé 2015

Our experimental Angelwind series of blended wines celebrates the Wairarapa winds that keep our vineyards healthy.  The Vin Rosé was crafted from two grapes – Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.  Our Pinot Noir (Abel & 10/5 clones) was picked early, destemmed and cold-soaked on skins for 25 hours before pressing together with Pinot Gris. The 40/60 split of fruit closely follows the Summer Rosé style we released in 2014, although this year was allowed to ferment to near dry. Cold-stablised and bottled early to lock in fresh fruit flavours, the Vin Rosé is a fun summer wine to savour outdoors.

Blush apricot pink with a French-style colouration; the Angelwind Vin Rosé has a familiar nose of candy and summer berries. On tasting, its initial sweeter front palate is replaced by fruit-acid, finishing off-dry and refreshing.