Vin Doré 2015

Our experimental Angelwind series of blended wines celebrates the Wairarapa winds that keep our vineyards healthy.  The Vin Doré is from a trio of grapes – Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and Riesling (PGR in a ratio of 45/15/40%).

One of our favourite wines from the 2015 vintage, this blend of three white grapes becomes more obvious on tasting. We left some residual sugar as we made this wine to be an alternative to our off-dry Angelwind Vin Rosé. The name for the Angelwind series was conceived together by our French Assistant Winemaker & Cellarhand who worked the 2015 vintage.

Young and light-green in colour, the Vin Doré has a complex aroma that is hard to define, but unveils on tasting. Racy Riesling makes way to aromatic Pinot Gris, through to a medium finish of pungent, opulent Gewürztraminer.